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Put Our Experience to Work for You

Are you looking to sell commodity products or searching for an outlet for hard-to-move protein items?
Alpine Foods, Inc. is here to help.

Your Food Trading Partner

As an international and domestic meat trading company, buying and selling protein is all we do. Our trading staff has more than 100 years of combined experience in the food trading business, giving us the knowledge and confidence to help you make smart choices for your bottom line. Plus, our skilled logistics team has the know-how to handle any logistical challenge, whether you’re moving full truckloads at short notice or a partial load halfway across the world.

While we do trade all types of commodities in the meat, poultry, and grocery field, we also specialize in handling items that are often in need of more attention. Such products may include discontinued items, production seconds and overruns, as well as aged inventory. We understand that those special attention products often require a sensitive, confidential approach.

You can trust us to strictly adhere to any restrictions that you may place on your product offerings. We work directly with an extensive network of buyers for those items outside the normal institutional or grocery channels. When needed, we can repack your branded products into a generic package at a number of USDA inspected facilities around the country.

over 100 years of experience in the food trading business

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